The Mental Traveller
18 minutes / experimental film
Music: Yasuhiro Morinaga

Supports by
S.A.C. The Arts Centre
The Japan Foundation Bangkok
From the exhibition Until the Morning Comes (installation view)
World Premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam (Tiger Awards Competition)

The Mental Traveller is a poetic reflection on the nature of remembrance. It navigates through the mental spaces of people consumed by memories of lost time. 

The film meditates on the passing of time, external behaviors, habitual patterns of thought and the sensorial realities of five individuals with mental health conditions inside the psychiatric ward in Chanthaburi Province, east of Thailand, in which it is filmed. The film was conceived from the director's connections to his parents and companions as they went through states of sickness, impending death, dementia, grief, and temporary insanity. At the same time it echoes upon the turbulent years of political upheavals and repercussions in Thailand, resulting in a nation undergoing a state of delirium, lunacy and trauma.